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Orange offers broadband and line rental bundle

Orange launched its free broadband packages in 2006 and while its latest package is not free, it is possible that it may represent a saving to some people. The new Home Max product offers a rate adaptive up to 8Mbps ADSL service, telephone line rental, evening and weekend call bundle, and a Livebox with second line for £24 a month.

The broadband service, while advertised as unlimited, does carry a fair use policy meaning it is not suitable for those wishing to download the whole Internet constantly for months on end, but should be suited to the average broadband user. Another fair use policy also covers the amount of calls made using the free calls bundled in the deal. The product carries an 18 month contract, and the Livebox is not yours to keep but is actually hired for a fee of £2.08 which is included in the £24 monthly total. A £1 surcharge is made if any payment method other than direct debit is used.

The second line featured in the product pages for Home Max is not a true second phone line, but rather a VoIP service that any normal handset can use by connecting to the Livebox.

For those who think they will find setting up the Livebox to be too much hassle, there is an option of paying £69.99 for a home visit where the service will be set-up. Orange has an online demo of how to set-up the service, so people can judge if they think they will need to get someone to do it for them. Technical and customer support is available to customers for the price of a national rate phone call (up to 7p a minute on a BT landline), but expert support for MAC OSX comes at a price of 50p a minute.

Orange does have a smaller package with a simple 6GB monthly download allowance called Home Starter costing £12 per month, which does not include telephone line rental but does include free evening and weekend calls.

The inclusion of line rental in the Home Max product does not mean Orange has switched to a full LLU service, but rather they are continuing with their shared unbundled services where available and using wholesale line rental (WLR) and CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection) to provide the line rental and calls parts of the packages. This should mean migration onto and off the service is probably smoother as the systems around shared LLU appear to be more stable.


So if I am on contract I would have to pay £9 a month? Tosscali do it the same package minus the VOIP, just a normal phone for £19.99 what makes Orange so special?

  • gayboy-ds
  • over 13 years ago

Oh dear, just had a look on ISP Review and the home starter is now £5 a month to Orange mobile customers. That is what I am paying now, but I get unlimited downloads :S

Wait for it... home max is now £15 a month, I would of thought that the pricing model for home max would of gone up with it's previous packages. Their previous unlimited bundle was just £19.99 so there is an extra £4 for the line rental. So why can't mobile customers pay £9? Or will I be expected to cough it up?

I am now seriously considering moving back to Tiscali if this is the case.

  • gayboy-ds
  • over 13 years ago

Please think 100 times before you sign up for a contract with orange. After I have ordered their services, I had two months of dial up speeds. When I tried to cancel my contact, they tried to charge me £240 (12 months).After going through complaints procedure (including ISPA),I received a call from orange confirming that they have canceled the contact and that I don't need to pay anything. That was in July.Today,two months after they have let me out of the contact,I have received a letter from Orange demanding £240 again and threatening to take legal action.

  • katepj
  • over 13 years ago

^ They only do this to their most valued customers, consider yourself fortunate.

  • Ghey_Buoy
  • over 13 years ago

I certainly wouldn't recommend Orange to anyone. My 2Meg service consistently runs a downstream <500k from about 4pm thru 1am. I currently pay £17.99/month for the existing broadband max product. Unlimited broadband (subject to fair usage) but at least 40Gig a month, free Livebox and unlimited (24/7) free calls to terrestrial 01- and 02- numbers down the 0845- VoiP line through the Livebox. The Livebox is very good and a breeze to set up. With a desktop and 3 wifi laptops in the house, I can't complain about that. Voice quality on the Voip line has definitely got worse;

  • cjyounguk
  • over 13 years ago

"policy meaning it is not suitable for those wishing to download the whole Internet constantly for months on end"

This is the sort of reason why I consider the editorial staff here poor, I'm afraid. A FuP's limits depend entirely on the wording, and if it is anything like the other Tiscali FUP's it is overly restrictive for the average user.

  • Dawn_Falcon
  • over 13 years ago

18 month contract, one of the most complained about ISPs of the modern era, £69.99 for a home visit...... Absolutely priceless lol

  • over 13 years ago

While the Orange service was working I had no complaints about them. They set up the service (MAC code from PlusNet) promptly without fuss. The Livebox worked well (including the "second line" via VoIP and USB printer server ) and the price, free with £30 mobile contract, was great.

Orange messed-up something on a national level with their LLU migration as people ended-up with "PPP Server down" on the Livebox. Even *that* would be acceptable if Orange's customer service was forthcoming with the truth, and there's the rub: ORANGE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS ATROCIOUS!

  • guy_hindle
  • over 13 years ago

Ref guy_hindle: (MAC code from PlusNet) - you've moved from PlusNet to Orange. Were PlusNet that bad? They're on my list of possible ISPs to move away from Orange to (lol) Maybe I think again.

  • cjyounguk
  • over 13 years ago

I too moved from plusnet to orange (talktalk inbetween) purely for financial reasons. I now wish I hadn't. You get what you pay for and I never had any real problems with plusnet, their customer service was superb. My dear old mum is still with them and they look after her when she mucks up her settings lol. Orange are the opposite (re broadband, no complaints mobile wise) but better than talktalk.
Suffice to say as soon as I can leave without penalty I'll be gone!

  • brucie245
  • over 13 years ago

Looking at the new Orange Home Start, Home Select and Home Max offerings they are not exactly making it clear when they are offering VOIP, CPS or WLR!

Using their own terminology of "Second Line" for VOIP.

My reading is that Home Max is VOIP, Home Select is WLR and Home Starter is CPS.
Anyone know for sure?

The 100 Free VOIP destinations of "Broadband Unlimited" has now become just 30 under "Home Max"

  • davidt67
  • over 13 years ago

I Migrated to Orange from Tiscali about two month. I have an Orange Mobile so I get the Broadband package, LiveBox Extra Line via VOIP for £5. Have not had any problems at all. Can not understand the comments above. It's great Value, I pay Toucan £8.95 for my Line Rental and Orange £5, Total £13.95. Previously paying Tiscali £19.95 and £10.95 to BT. Saving over £16 per month.

  • davayr
  • over 13 years ago

I have Orange broadband advertised as 8 mbits
most I get is 4 .I do have the package for £19.99 a month which allows me to call any 01 or 02 number anytime also international calls
antime included in the package,only real complaint is the quality of the phone line to
uk no'scould be better quality better to USA & Canada.Overall happy with service. DanC WOP2A

  • WOP2A
  • over 13 years ago

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