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Karoo service improves with router replacement

The KCOM Group which provides services to consumers and businesses in the Hull area of the UK under the brands Karoo and KC Internet has issued a statement revealing that the recent routing and intermittent access to websites problems have been resolved.

"A capacity problem on one of our core routers meant that some Karoo and KC Internet customers experienced intermittent difficulties in accessing certain websites. The problem also resulted in connectivity issues for some of our business customers who use virtual private networks (VPNs).

An upgraded replacement router was installed on the evening of Tuesday 28 August and normal service was restored in the early hours of the following day.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this problem caused some of our customers."

Statement from KCOM


The majority of the internet was unavailable to KCOM users from Friday 24th August up until the following Wednesday 29th. According to their status page the router had failed and they had to get hold of a new one... BUT according to management it was upgrades to the equipment... so who do you believe? There's three stories in play... The email I got:

  • adriandaz
  • over 13 years ago

On Friday 24th August, the KCOM Group experienced a major network issue that affected Internet and Email services. This resulted in some customers experiencing intermittent Internet and Email access.

This network fault was the result of a hardware failure and we worked as a matter of urgency to resolve the issue. A new piece of hardware was obtained and installed and normal service was resumed at 09:00 on Wednesday 28th August.

  • adriandaz
  • over 13 years ago

The status page said:
The Karoo Status page: 2007-08-28 @ 09:27:00
Status: [Problem]
Estimated Time: 4 h
Time Remaining: 0d, 2h, 28m, 46s
Description: Customers will be experiencing intermittent web-site connectivity issues.
Business customers may experience VPN connectivity problems.
This is due to a hardware failure on a complex piece of equipment.
Replacement kit is being sourced with our supplier Cisco and a plan of work is in place to implement this once it arrives.

  • adriandaz
  • over 13 years ago

and finally... from senior management:

I do want to clarify. We did not have to replace a Cisco switch. It was
not a failure, that led to replacement by a new switch. We have actually
upgraded the machines. The speed change was linked to the upgrade and
only affected some of our contended DSL services. As the upgraded
machines came on stream we had to change some of the other profiles in
our network.

Anyway, the service has been terribly slow during peak times since whatever was done, fair enough have traffic shaping, but atleast make sure it doesn't interfere with normal browsing!

  • adriandaz
  • over 13 years ago

Sounds to me like the're giving out way to much information:

"A new piece of hardware was obtained" - they won that ebay auction then...

"Replacement kit is being sourced with our supplier Cisco" - luck they had one in stock then.

"We did not have to replace a Cisco switch" - so if they return the ones they bought, unused & in origional packaging withing 30days they should get their money back right?!

  • FRS_Plunderer
  • over 13 years ago

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