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Ignite put the focus on Wires-Only

BTignite is planning two meetings with ISP's and modem manufacturers on 24th and 31st July 2001.

The meetings are intended to allow Ignite to discuss with their wholesale customers the requirements and practicalities of a wires only interface, as well as the possibility of self install DSL kits.

Wires-only has been on trail for the BTdatastream product range since April, though it's not BT's most popular product. Modem makers and ISP's have also been able to test hardware at BT labs for some months now as well to prepare for this product and the future wires-only products.

Ignite with wires-only intend to NOT supply any modem with the connection, leaving the selection of this to the ISP, therefore we should see futher differentiation between ISP's, e.g. some will offer better modems or a total user choice perhaps. Fingers crossed this will bring a reduction in the install fee.

The self install product is planned to allow users to install the DSL service in any room that has an existing phone extension and remove the need for a BT engineer to visit, hence reducing costs and hopefully the install fee. The filter faceplate would be replaced by a plug and play microfilter - similar to what some US DSL providers use.


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