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News on Service Level Agreement for ADSL

BTignite have a SLA document going around the ISP's who are currently reselling BTignite xDSL services. ISP's have been invited to pass comment on the SLA and return the comments on Monday 23rd July 2001.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is likely to come into effect in August/September 2001. So what does the SLA cover, well it doesnt carry any compensation or promises - the SLA is purely a set of targets that BTignite will make their best effort to attain, the targets are

1) Aim to provide accept/reject notice of a customers order to the ISP within 2 working days.
2) Aim to carry out all cease orders on the date the ISP requests if given 5 working days notice.
3) Aim to carry out repairs on end user equipement within 25 working hours.
4) The Ignite to ISP network link will be covered under Total care package, i.e. 24/7 4 hour response time.

The Service Level Guarantee is the next stage and this will content minimum performance levels and include some form of compensation plan (no details as yet) if minimum performance standards are not met. This is due to be implemented in December 2001.


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