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Tiscali to offer Setanta Sports

Tiscali have announced today that they will be offering Setanta Sports services to customers using the Tiscali TV (formerly Homechoice) platform. This follows announcements by other providers including BT Vision and a freeview package from TalkTalk offering live sports coverage. Setanta Sports is also available on Sky and Virgin Media.

The service will supplement the Sky Sports package already available via the "Sky by Wire" service offered by Tiscali at present. No information on pricing has been released. Setanta are keen to offer the service to as many people as possible after they broke Sky's monopoly on offering Live Premiership Football and will be looking to recover the cost of winning the rights. Further details at The Times.


hmmm, Tiscali offering more VoD type services, whilst warning the BBC that access to VoD services may have to be limited... More Tiscali FUD? Full article

  • sponge34
  • over 13 years ago
It is interesting that you've got BT and Tiscali, both major players in the low cost consumer ISP business and TVoD/VoIP add-on services, spearheading the complaints against the Beeb. I'm sure consumers are going to love being 'educated' into how they should pay extra premiums to use certain services.

If there are problems with the business models that the likes of BT basically govern, then they should look a little closer to home for someone to blame.

  • h0tbl4ck
  • over 13 years ago

what is it with ISPs and similar companies and this darn Setanta channel LOL, people are gonna be totally gone in the head to subscribe to this channel through the likes of tiscali. Go buy a 50 quid box instead and pay your 10 quid a month as and when you want the channel and not as and when tiscali and others want to force you into paying for it.

  • over 13 years ago

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