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Griffin launch traffic prioritization product

Griffin Internet have today announced a new product available to their Partners called 'Engineered Broadband - Single Priority'. This allows for prioritization of one specific application over other traffic on IPStream broadband lines. Designed primarily for VoIP services, the testing carried out by Griffin showed that it improved the quality of VoIP calls bi-directionally even on a line dedicated to this use. This is because the application is prioritized across the entire Griffin network and also the interconnect to the VoIP provider. Benefits are more widely seen when used on a line that is used to carry normal Internet traffic as well as VoIP.

"We have developed this product in response to the increased demand we have been seeing from Partners to use broadband to carry voice as well as email and web traffic. EB-SP is the first in our Engineered Broadband family and we have taken the bold step of offering it free until the end of October 2007 to give people the opportunity to experiment with the product risk-free."

Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Griffin

In other Griffin news, they have also announced a free migration offer to existing and new partners that will allow connections to be migrated for free to IPStream MAX products. The offer is due to end in September 2007 in line with the BT wholesale offer to service providers, but offers an extension offering their partners the ability to re-grade any customer lines to MAX products for free.

Comments now instead of getting throughput speeds of 2kbps i will now get 4kbps! AWESOME! Well worth the 70 pounds a month i pay. Griffin is dying on its feet.

  • Yakshini
  • over 13 years ago

Yakshini - Y'sound like you're in one of those Griffin Special Contexts for people who download more than 50GB a month. Me, I get my full whack of 7meg.

Tried emailling [email protected] and asking?

  • Zap-Robo
  • over 13 years ago

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