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O2 delays broadband launch to October

On the back of figures showing only a 34,000 increase in new UK mobile customers for Q2 2007, O2 has announced a further delay in the roll out of its broadband service to October. Originally expected in Spring, we reported in May that a delay was expected until September. No official reason is given for the delay.

Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunication company behind O2 also owns Be, an LLU operator providing broadband services up to 24Mbps using ADSL2+. shows Be as having equipment in 799 exchanges (of 5591), covering an estimated 13,364,304 premises. This compares well with other LLU providers, with only TalkTalk and Sky covering more.


You'd think then that when someone wants to switch to the O2 mobile network, they would get the contract out to you pronto. I ordered a SIM only contract from O2 yesterday and received an email today informing me that the 'items' I ordered are currently out of stock. They've run out of SIMs!? Hello?

  • Flaco
  • over 13 years ago

I've three mobiles connected to O2 for several years.I've found them fine except when a free new yearly update mobile is due.I've had to threaten to cancel my contract before they offer a better deal.
Got myself annoyed with them a couple of month s ago when I was charges about £1.50 for a premium text received. O2 acknowledged it was a scam text but claimed there was nothing that could be done apart from complain to ICSTIC.
There seems to be no incentive for them to attempt to stop scams - well they've one less customer to add to their next quarterly figures.

  • kippy476
  • over 13 years ago

I was checking my bill over at and noticed a new tab that was only just added.

It says that o2 broadband is getting to launch.
As o2 own be, I am guessing that this will be the new name for the service now known as Be Un Limited.

You can register for the service now and they say they will let you know when the service is ready to launch.

  • pegasusuk
  • over 13 years ago

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