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Namesco acquired by Dada

Namesco ( have this afternoon announced its acquisition by S.p.A, part of Dada, an Italian company based in Florence and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Dada already has various hosting and domain registration businesses in Spain and Italy. It acquired Namesco to strengthen its position in the UK market.

"Following the acquisition of the Spanish company Nominalia in August 2006, Dada's purchase of Namesco is part of Dada Group's expansion strategy, indicating Dada's priority in strengthening its presence in the professional online services business. The investments in the domain and hosting sector which is represented by the division and already characterized by a solid international customer base, will allow Dada to further expand its offer towards more and more advanced services for companies and professionals online presence in a Web 2.0 perspective"

Paolo Barberis (Chairman), Dada

Broadband customers will understandably be concerned how this takeover might affect them. We understand there are no operational changes planned at this time to any parts of the Namesco business.


I hope they look after their BB customers as well as present team.Having customers on 1 month contract should be a powerful incentive to keep service standards high.

  • Mikebear
  • over 13 years ago

If I remember my history correctly, Namesco bought NDO because they wanted a bigger broadband base. The worry for existing customers could be if Dada still want broadband as part of the company or will they want to stick to hosting only. It could depend on if that area is making any money. If the latter, then the broadband userbase could be sold off tooffset some of teh cost of buying Namesco.

  • bignige
  • over 13 years ago

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