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BT Vision Sport to show Premier League football

BT Vision, the Freeview/On demand Television service from BT is to show Barclays Premier League football to subscribers in the coming season.

The deal announced today will allow users to watch the matches on a near-live basis, hours after the game, at a time of their choosing as well as an option to view live games in a package from Setanta Sports.

"BT Vision Sport is ideal for fans who have BT Total Broadband but who are unwilling, or unable, to pay high TV sports subscriptions. BT's "near live" service includes 242 Premier League matches per season and – through a new deal announced today - up to 125 Coca Cola League and Carling Cup games. Fans can also access Setanta Sports’ live action which includes 46 Premier League matches from England and 60 from Scotland (including all the old firm derbies) as well as action from other European football leagues, US PGA tour golf, Nascar and Magners League rugby. BT Vision also offers a library of classic sporting action and documentaries available on demand and supplied by sporting giants ESPN and IMG."

BT Press Release

The on-demand pricing starts at £1.99 per match or £4 per month for complete access. The 'Setanta Sports' package is available for £9.99 a month.

For those interested, BT currently have a free installation offer (usually £60) if you order before 19th July. More information can be found at the BT Vision Sport website.


LMAO 288 premiership matches will be available (thats only 3 quarters) of them. Only 46 will be shown live on Setanta Sports (a channel you can get subscribed to already if you have a freeview digibox anyway)If you want to watch those 46 via ondemand you will have to wait 3 days The other 242 (yes 242) will only be via ondemand and you will have to wait to 10pm that day to watch the matches LOL Begs the question why they are even charging when they cant even show the full season and less than a quarter will be shown live... Typical BT hype it up with gloss but ultimately its crap!

  • over 13 years ago

lmao nicely said carpetburn, i totally agree just moved away from bt good riddens!

  • AdamGz0r
  • over 13 years ago

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