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Sky adds 259,000 broadband customers in quarter

Sky has published a trading update covering the three months up until the end of June 2007. In terms of broadband the last quarter saw 259,000 new broadband customers giving the company a total of 716,000 broadband connections.

Sky has a mixture of LLU and non-LLU services, the update does not provide any information on the ratio, but does tell us that the broadband provider has 1,150 exchanges where it can offer LLU services. These exchanges cover 70% of UK households and by reaching this figure in June 2007, Sky are six months ahead of their schedule.

The figures show that Sky has gone from being nowhere in the broadband market to being a major player, and their growth rate is impressive, adding more customers in three months than many providers have signed up since broadband started.

The UK often comes off poorly when compared to European neighbours like France, but with 70% of households having access to ADSL2+ via providers like Sky it shows the UK has not given up. The question is what do the various LLU providers have hidden up their sleeve to make their products attractive once BT Wholesale rolls out its ADSL2+ services. Of course having access to ADSL2+ at an exchange does not guarantee mega fast speeds, but estimates suggest around 13.5 million households will manage around 5Mbps with ADSL2+ and a smaller group of 8.6 million homes should see 9Mbps or faster.


"The UK often comes off poorly when compared to European neighbours like France, but with 70% of households having access to ADSL2+ via providers like Sky it shows the UK has not given up."

Of course Sky doesn't routinely connect you to ADSL2+ but GDMT and it is a hassle to get this changed.

  • tcrooks3843
  • over 13 years ago

Getting Sky is my first hurdle. Exchange was upgraded 28/6/07 with the website saying I can get any package. I can't order online and when I call I'm told I can only get Connect.
Still ADSL2+ won't do much for me as our line is ~5.5km long.

  • YaZiN
  • over 13 years ago

As tcrooks3843 said, getting sky to actually connect you to ADSL2 is a nightmare, and I dont understand how they are getting away with charging people for it and not connecting them on it. I had sky broadband for a week and suprise suprise was connected on G.DMT (max 8mb) instead of ADSL2 (16mb). I cancelled it after numerous long phone calls to the monkeys at their support centre, who wanted to carry out all sorts of useless tests on my equipment when the problem was at their end.

  • matt29
  • over 13 years ago

I have had SKY Broadband Max since last December and still cannot get access to their e-mail system. Their help desk have advised me to use HOTMAIL.
They have just finally admitted to me that they have an e-mail problem and are working upon it but have no target date for resolution.
They gave me a phone number to ring and a problem reference number if I wanted to discuss the problem but when I rang it they did not know what I was talking about.
I look forward to when my contract with them expires!!

  • dudaudio
  • over 13 years ago

dudaudio - go look at

£7.50 per 2 years register a domain. £5 per year email. And addy stays the same when you migrate.

  • uniquename
  • over 13 years ago

Took me 20 minutes on the phone once I went through the script (even tho I knew it was a profile error) now I'm happily connected at 16382kbps :-D

  • _TRIaXOR_
  • over 13 years ago

So they've done 20% of the exchanges - is that it ? or are there more to come.

  • herdwick
  • over 13 years ago

one observation I would make is that's very easy to acquire 250k subs a month when existing sky customers are coming onto the service in order to cut their broadband bills (as my father has done). Sky aren't charging much if anything for this service and the real test will come when existing sky tv subscribers stop signing up.

  • uknsaunders
  • over 13 years ago

sky tv subscribers are increasing as will BB customers.

I was on ADSL2+ from the start with poor line stats despite been told by Sky CS I could not get more than 8 meg which was wrong.

  • Technode_
  • over 13 years ago

I went on the Sky Max broadband service some months ago with a promise of 16Mb download speed. Using the speed test on Thinkbroadband site shows I have never reached 2Mb download speed. Even though the cost of £10 per month is low I still don't get a service better than their lowest speed service. Could this be a Trades Description Violation?

  • Taylor52
  • over 13 years ago

If you subscribe to SKY and DO get a decent conn. good luck.
It took me over 30 emails and 15 hours of phone calls and two Engineer visits before they let me cancel instead of repairing the fault in the exchange.
I hope you enjoy talking to '' screen readers '' who have no clue about BB or the internet, ask a question thats not on the sheet they place you on hold for 5 minutes, and come back to say '' i have just ran a test and it al seems to be working ok ''
Pay peanuts get SKY screen readers!!!

  • ragtacker
  • over 13 years ago

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