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BT Wholesale problems due to weather

BT Wholesale has sent out a warning notice to broadband providers that states that in some areas of the country, faults may take longer to resolve due to the high number of problems arising through the adverse weather.

Due to the exceptionally severe weather we have been experiencing in some parts of the country (Leeds, Bradford, Lincoln, Sheffield, Barnsley and York), BT Wholesale has declared this is as a matter beyond our reasonable control ('MBORC') in these areas.

Flooding is causing network damage, leading to very high fault volumes. At the same time our engineers are faced with road closures and other problems getting around their work areas. This means it is taking longer than usual to fix each fault.

This notification is with effect from 17.30 Wednesday 27 June. Other locations may be subject to declarations as a fuller picture of the effects on our operations and network emerges.

We currently expect the declarations to last for approximately 7 days from 27 June.

However further rain is forecast for the affected areas, especially over the coming weekend, and this may delay the return to normal. We will keep the situation under review and provide updates as the situation develops.

Please note that our contracts contain provisions covering the legal effects of MBORC.

These provisions set out what happens when an event or cause beyond our reasonable control prevents us from fulfilling our contractual commitments.

Where an MBORC event occurs, any commitments are suspended for the duration of the event - in effect the clock stops. Any legally binding dates (for service provision for example) or timescales (such as repair timescales under SLGs for instance) will be suspended until the MBORC event or cause stops affecting BT.

We are of course doing all we can to overcome these problems and will end this MBORC declaration as soon as we can.

BT Wholesale statement to broadband providers


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