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Madasafish to provide free wireless kit

Madasafish, part of the Brightview group, has announced it will be giving customers signing up to its broadband service a free wireless networking kit including a wireless router and a USB connected wireless network card which allows them to connect a PC to the router without any cables.

The wireless router will allow connections of computers with existing wireless network cards which are found in most new laptops as well as some games consoles. The USB network card included will help those with older systems, Mac or PC, connect them to the network as well.

"Wireless has really exploded recently. People want to check email in bed on their laptops and make calls from wireless VoIP phones while they're in the garden - it's completely changed our relationship with computers in the home. Ambient technology that offers this level of freedom should work straight out of the box, but the idea of setting up a home Wi-Fi network still terrifies most people. This is why we have introduced a kit that supplies all you need to get started, regardless of whether you're a Mac or a PC user. Of course if anyone does need help, our support staff are there to help them get on line quickly and easily."

Matthew Henton (Head of Marketing), Madasafish

We would remind users to ensure that they need to ensure they secure their wireless network against unauthorised access.


Sounds a pretty nice deal (though ive not looked at the small print to see if there is any catch). Many users also seem happy with Madasafish, so for people moving or joining the broadband world it doesnt seem a bad deal.
Nice to see a positive news story :)

  • over 13 years ago

From what I see no catch 12 month contract as before.

  • adamtemp
  • over 13 years ago

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