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9 out of 10 ISP's Will Supply RADSL as of Wednesday

As of the 18th July (Wednesday) BTignite are able to confirm that all orders received by them for the BTipstream 500 service - (USB product) will be provided using the Rate Adaptive profile and acceptance tests.

As we've detailed before this means the average phone line should be able to support DSL out to 5.5km now, so long as the whoosh test shows a 55dB or less result prior to installation. On the day of the install the engineers kit with it's smiley face will start to frown at 59dB.

Therefore those users who've been waiting due to missing out on the pilot places now is the time to place your order
you want to order from BTopenworld - they at present appear to be the only ISP doing this, but until such time as their order system accepts orders beyond 3.5km they will be only placing orders for users with less than 3.5km of phone line. It is hoped that BTopenworld will start to take orders around the end of the month.


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