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Cable and Wireless serves injunction against former executive

The BBC has been investigating calls being made to some Bulldog customers from call centres in Pakistan which appear to be using an old customer database. It has uncovered that Cable & Wireless, Bulldog's parent company at the time the database, has obtained an injunction against a former executive to require her to return any data on over 100,000 current and former Bulldog customers she may be holding to.

The incident highlights the importance of scrutinising any callers and being careful about providing information to anyone who calls, even if they appear to know a fair bit about you as there is no guarantee that the caller is who they claim to be.

Bulldog is now part of the Pipex Internet group, though customers will still be connected to the C&W wholesale xDSL network.


No shock, all you have to do is look at bulldogs history (on watchdog twice just from what i remember and I THINK also investigated by ofcom) and now they are part of Pipex this latest news is no shock at all, you only have to see the forums here to find out how inept Pipex are.

  • over 13 years ago

Seemab is a cool cat!

  • chusan01
  • over 13 years ago

Thats nothing a former employee of bulldog took their reseller database and used it to market for another company, I have forwarded the message to think broadband...

  • hoodamanny
  • over 13 years ago

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