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Bulldog support centres to be closed

The Register has been speaking to Pipex about its move to close Bulldog UK call centres in 90 days time.

When this is combined with previous news that Pipex has warned 19 staff that their jobs are at risk of being axed, it does not seem to bode well for the levels of customer support within the Pipex group.

"We are not planning to offshore and will continue to offer one of the best and fastest connections in the UK supported by UK staff."

Statement by Dominic Crolla, managing director of Pipex's residential division

Pipex, who were pioneers in the low cost broadband arena with the introduction of a 0.5Mbps service for £23.44 at the start 2002, has come a long way in the last five years. Unfortunately the last twelve months has seen a number of new big players such as Sky and TalkTalk which, with their free and bundle offers, may be hurting Pipex as well as other providers. If Pipex is able to integrate its various brands while retaining their individual identity and providing a quality service then it may see a surge in sign-ups again.


I dont think Pipex customer service could get much worse than it is at present.It is impossible to get problems sorted out in spite of running up a large phone bills to try to sort out any problem.

  • malcstanier
  • over 13 years ago

I agree, Pipex customer service in my experience has been nothing short of scandalous. I really can't see how they can reduce support levels further. This is clearly an attempt to make them look more streamlined to a potential purchaser. I hope any potential purchaser has the sense to look carefully at the customer satisfaction or they are likely to end up buying a sinking ship that people are trying to get off as quickly as possible.

  • Going_Digital
  • over 13 years ago

Quote "..and will continue to offer one of the best and fastest connections.."
LMAO Most hillarious thing ive heard all year.
Offer it yes maybe they do "offer" a fast connection... Actually "deliver" on the "offer" thats another thing entirely... Welcome to Pipex where P2P, FTP, Video Streaming, Newsgroups and so much more that is bandwidth intensive gets limit to 20k... Fast it certainly aint.

  • over 13 years ago

Bulldog do not limit or throttle P2P, FTP or any other protocol and certainly offer one of the fastest currently available connections being one of the few ISPs offering ADSL2+. I doubt that despite his/her comment that CARPETBURN has any real experience of using Bulldog.

  • MCM999
  • over 13 years ago

I doubt you read who made the comment in this news story, and i doubt you understand sarcasm or who .... "Statement by Dominic Crolla, managing director of Pipex's residential division" actually is.

  • over 13 years ago

I can only speak for Freedom2Surf (f2s) but I believe the whole group works from the same Stoke Mandeville call centre - I am a PC engineer who has dozens of my customers subscribed to f2s. I speak to their call centre weekly at least, and never have to wait more than a few rings before being answered by a pleasant and knowledgable assistant. They always sort the problem, whether it is their fault/BT/customer. They always ring back if they say they will. The value for money is unbeatable.

  • amips
  • over 13 years ago

Bulldog's internet service is excellent, until you need to change something and have to deal with their customer services - as any question you ask, they give you the wrong answer. I needed to change my direct debit info from Nov06 and it didn't get done even when I left in Feb07! - that's after they cut me off saying I didn't pay etc - not my fault! I gave them my new details over 4 times! Bulldog's Customer Service is absolutely useless, they should be all sacked for not doing their jobs properly - getting rid of customers like myself.

  • zgap111
  • over 13 years ago

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