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EU hosts Bridging the Broadband Gap event

We may not have done too well in Eurovision 2007, but perhaps the broadband community projects in the UK will do better. Now is your chance to vote for a number of broadband projects in the UK, though we will specifically mention the one who brought this conference to our attention: SWBB South Witham Broadband Ltd.

A full list of the exhibits at the conference is on the Bridging the Broadband Gap 2007 website. For those looking towards a broadband future for the UK, reading what other EU countries are doing is worthwhile.

The conference only lasts for two days, so it is a bit late to get over there to take part, but a webstream of the event is available.


Unfortunately the public can't vote, or SWBB would win hands down, and like the Eurovision the voting will be political...
Interesting to note that yesterday none of the reports in showed a grasp of the situation re the digital divide. The fact that the incumbent telco is sweating the assets of an obsolete copper network instead of lighting fibre, thus creating a digital divide to rural areas in the first place...perhaps today it will be better

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 13 years ago

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