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PlusNet customers face surge in spam

PlusNet customers have been reporting a surge in spam since yesterday evening, some to e-mail addresses created two years ago which have been rarely used, prompting speculation that the company's e-mail address database may have been compromised.

"We are investigating reports from customers who have received high volumes of SPAM during the weekend. This is open as a top priority problem and further details will be provided on our website as our investigation continues."

Ian Wild, PlusNet plc

There is currently no firm indication as to the cause, although we understand the company is treating the issue as a 'priority one' problem and looking at the pattern of messages to attempt to identify the root cause. More information can be found on the PlusNet website.

You can read more about the discussion on our forums.


It is a shame someone as large as BT had to buy Plusnet.

Plusnet should of been taken to court for their years of incompetence a long time ago.

It will be interesting to see how BT deal with Plusnet, no doubt to be used as as a measuring tool for how well they might do with other companies BT might be interested in.

  • JohnUK
  • over 13 years ago

Unless these email addresses were leaked from directly within the company (which i doubt) There is not alot Plusnet can do to stop the spam apart from block the source of these emails and notify their owners BT about the incident. Its a shame really. In conversation on here with Plusnet staff including Ian we freely discussed details of their new packages about a month ago, IMO its a shame something like this has occured, there are obviously SOME staff at plusnet that do care about service, and atleast they have issued a statement quickly about this issue.

  • over 13 years ago

Sorry JohnUK, but incompetence isn't an offence - I offer Tiscali, Talk Talk, Toucan, Pipex Homecall and others in evidence.

BTW, It is should *have* been, not "should of been" - you incompetent or something ?

  • herdwick
  • over 13 years ago

Carpetburn - the addresses were taken from PlusNet's databases, I have several plusnet addresses that were never given to anyone and used to send email from one system to another and after the incident at plusnet all of these addresses started to receive spam simultaneously.

  • smith70
  • over 13 years ago

I must admit I'm a bit suspicious of that claim. I use an entirely seperate domain for email which is routed via the hosting company. It is not and never was in PlusNET's databases.

Of course, this could simply be a coincidence :)

  • Silvereyes
  • over 13 years ago

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