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UK about to reach 2 million LLU lines

With the number of unbundled telephone lines providing broadband services in the UK about to exceed two million, the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator has announced a transition to the OTA2 stage of its operation.

The OTA2 will build on the work of the original OTA scheme to be independent of the regulator and industry, the aim being to facilitate the swift implementation of processes to help with unbundling for both companies and the end-user. The range of products the OTA2 will look into are:

Local Loop Unbundling, (including Metallic Path Facility, Shared Metallic Path Facility, Sub-loop Unbundling and relevant support services, including air conditioning and power), Backhaul Extension Service and Wholesale Extension Backhaul; Wholesale Line Rental / Carrier Pre-Selection; Geographic number portability and broadband of both BT and other Communications Providers where migration impacts may occur; and others as necessary and reasonably agreed from time to time;

OTA2 In-scope Products

The OTA Update for March 2007 highlights the fact that performance of Openreach delivering fully unbundled lines still lags behind that of a shared unbundled service by about 10%. The key challenges facing the OTA2 are now:

  • Tactical Improvement of the Migrations Processes & Industry-wide adoption
  • Fully Unbundled Line (MPF) Processes Further Industrialised and Sustainable Quality Improvements
  • EMP Quality and Stability of surrounding support processes becoming a non issue
  • Strategic Solutions for the Migrations Processes

One area of confusion that continues to surface for end users is the changes to how various ordering systems and online broadband checkers report the state of a telephone line. Back in November 2006 we highlighted how a standard BT line rental product appeared was going to change. If the BT order checker shows PROVIDE LLU LINE SHARE PSTN 1 £ 0.0 £ 0.0 for your telephone line then this is referring to how Openreach handle your telephone line, rather than your phone line being unbundled without your knowledge.


Its not clear from this article if the 2million are fully unbundled (MPF) lines such as Bulldog, or partial unbundled (SMPF) such as Sky and BE.

  • jchamier
  • over 13 years ago

It is two million SMPF and MPF lines, the OTA update does not detail the split of MPF versus SMPF

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 13 years ago

From a users point, my line was unbundeled monday the 23rd April followed by 5days without broadband on getting a connection its half the speed prior to LLU.
At 2.5km by road from the exchange (MYSK) 0.4Mbps so is it better?

  • Keithei
  • over 13 years ago

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