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Boltblue withdraws from broadband

Boltblue ( has announced its withdrawal from broadband services effective 31 May 2007. The company has expanded significantly internationally over the past 18 months within the mobile entertainment sector and with broadband representing less than 10% of its turnover, it has made the decision to focus on its core business.

"Mobile entertainment has always been at the forefront and the principal reason for initiating a customer relationship. With broadband representing a single digit percentage of revenue, the decision to discontinue our broadband services means we can genuinely concentrate our efforts on developing mobile products and services matched to customer preference. The move fits with our brand values, we are building a strong position as the mobile entertainment provider of choice in the UK as well as high growth markets abroad and mobile entertainment now represents the bulk of the business"

Michael Brown, the Group's CEO.

Over the last six months, the company has been encouraging its customers to migrate to other providers. It now has just 1,000 users on the service to whom it will be issuing MAC codes and providing any assistance in migrating to other service providers.


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