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PlusNet launches new products

PlusNet has this morning announced the long awaited product refresh with four new simpler services under the 'Broadband Your Way' banner, replacing its previous range of products. The company seems to have inherited the product naming style from its new parent BT by calling its services "Option 1" to "Option 4". These are intended to make it easier for users to choose which service is most appropriate for them. Existing customers will be able to stay on their respective packages or migrate to one of the new ones.

Package Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Speed 'up to 8 meg' 'up to 8 meg' 'up to 8 meg' 'up to 8 meg'
Monthly £9.99 £14.99 £19.99 £29.99
Contract 1 month* 1 month* 1 month* 1 month*
Activation free
[if you stay 12 months]
[if you stay 12 months]
[if you stay 12 months]
[if you stay 12 months]
Hardware free router
[if you stay 12 months]
free router
[if you stay 12 months]
free wireless router
[if you stay 12 months]
free wireless router
[if you stay 12 months]
Included Usage
(8 a.m. to midnight)
1 GB 8 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Additional Usage
(8 a.m. to midnight)

£0.75 per GB (prepaid) -or- £1.00 per GB (in arrears)

Off Peak Usage
(midnight to 8 a.m.)
unmetered unmetered unmetered unmetered
experience rating
1-star 2-star 3-star 4-star
Static IP free (on request) free (on request) free (on request) free (on request)

* The contract length is one month, although if you leave within the first 12 months, you will be required to pay the full cost of the activation fee (£47) and the cost of the hardware.

Customers will be able to add on additional "bolt-ons" including extra usage. If you hit your usage allowance and do not wish to incur additional charges, your speed will be capped at 128 Kbps. Extra usage can be purchased in advance at £0.75/GB or in arrears at £1.00/GB. Users will also be able to use a 'Data Transfer Watch' tool which will allow them to set a maximum cost for the month which allows, for example, parents to keep control over the costs of their children's broadband usage

Significantly, the above charges apply only between 08:00 and 23:59 every day. Between midnight at 8AM there is no tracking of utilisation, a welcome move to those who can schedule large downloads. It is worth noting that the charges apply to both upload and download traffic.

The packages also include free services such as a firewall, e-mail with anti-virus and spam filtering, free 0808 backup dial-up if you open a broadband fault, web hosting and more. Customers will also benefit from 24x7 support both via an 0845 type number or a regional '01' number for those with inclusive minutes on their call plans. Also, depending on the package you get inclusive telephone VoIP (broadband phone) minutes.

PlusNet is keen to point out that the above are the basics and they have plans to introduce additional options which you can purchase including 'speed boost' facility for 5-star experience for downloads, a BT Home Hub hardware option, BT OpenZone wireless minutes and better referral options if you spend more with the company. Existing customers will be e-mailed over the next week or so with details of the new packages. Finally, customers on Broadband Your Way will be liable to pay the BT Wholesale imposed cessation charge if they terminate their broadband connection. This does not apply to outbound migrations using a MAC code.

The PlusNet website contains details about the traffic shaping which will be taking effect. These are classed against the "p2p/newsgroup experience rating" with a 4-star service currently being the best with restrictions only applying during the very peak hours in the late afternoon and evenings mostly. These will class limits into five groups: Peer-to-peer (p2p), Binary Usenet/newsgroups, external FTP, download sites (Rapidshare, megaupload, imageshack, etc.) and Download servers (e.g. Akamai) each with their own limits. It is important to note that BBC, Sky and 4OD are classed as 'streaming' traffic and not p2p despite being technically peer-to-peer technologies. Although there are 'no restrictions' at times, this does not mean that traffic prioritisation does not take place.

For more details, visit the PlusNet website.


  • New basic packages with clear included usage allowances 8 a.m. to midnight
  • Option to be capped at 128 Kbps above allowance or pay for additional usage at £0.75 to £1.00 per GB
  • Unmetered usage between midnight - 8 a.m.
  • Existing customers can remain on their legacy packages if they wish
  • Removal of "You Stay We Pay" 5-year contracts
  • All contracts monthly, although activation/hardware costs applicable if you leave within one year
  • Varying traffic shaping depending on traffic and protocol
  • You can switch between packages once a month without incurring any additional charges
  • New terms and conditions include cessation charge for termination of lines as per wholesale costs
  • Traffic shaping applies to specific protocols on all packages with varying limits/times

You can discuss the new packages on our PlusNet forum.


New packages are not too bad IMO. The unmetered midnight to 8am period is nice, free router if you stay 12 months is also good, as is the not forcing you to buy more gigs and instead having the choice to manage at 128k to the end of the month IMO is a good thing. Probably not the best choice if you love your P2P and peak caps on options 1 and 2 IMO are a bit stingy. I also think if they had priced option 4 five quid less (24.99 instead of 29.99) it would of taken some trade away from pipex, etnanet providers and a few others, overall though not too bad

  • over 13 years ago

Man the 'roll your own' option gets expensive quickly. A 60gig peak usage option costs a staggering £44.99! damn.

  • battletux
  • over 13 years ago

Seems fair to me. Encourages the high-gig users to consider using off-peak.

  • canopus137
  • over 13 years ago

I've moved over to it this morning, seems like a really good and fair deal, easy enough to schedule downloads after midnight! Looking forward to the home-hub and wifi minutes as well!

  • thatguy69
  • over 13 years ago

PlusNet has been offering unlimited off-peak usage for a while now (midnight to 4pm) and this represents a drastic cut in the amount of hours included. Then again it is £2 cheaper per month and would mean '3 star' p2ping.
Will it balance out because of less throttling?...
Decisions decisions...

  • wesocp
  • over 13 years ago

CARPETBURN anyone with Entanet would never consider going to a second rate ISP such as Plusnet. The different star rating is a joke. Hmmm the option in the future to buy 5 star download speeds lol, when with other ISP's you get the full download speed anyway. What a joke.

  • danman7_200
  • over 13 years ago

for danman7_200 I'm not using PN, but while the 19.99 account some Enta resellers offer gives good limits and great off-peak allowance, you seem to ignore the possibility to d/l a lot, off-peak, on the 14.99 PN account.

Seems very early to condemn, while I recall business users on Entanet complaining about traffic at a trickle when they were paying 45 quid a month and seeing under 200 kbps during the day. It was perhaps a short period and won't be repeated, but someone could have condemned Entanet then, too.

Let's not drop to the gutter with 'second rate' jibes, in future, please!

  • NetGuy
  • over 13 years ago

danman7 people may have not been happy with plusnet in the past,but it is wrong not to give them a chance with their new packages.I did say previously "Probably not the best choice if you love your P2P" It remains to be seen how good or bad their traffic shaping on new packages is,if i speak personally then i think we will still see alot of complaints about the traffic managing,however,maybe plusnet have cracked traffic managing and are one of the very few that will have it down to an art on new packages see the end user really doesnt hardly notice it.Time and the forums will tell

  • over 13 years ago

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