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Virgin Media poised to sign deal with C&W spotted over the holiday weekend an article in The Sunday Times which suggests Virgin Media is poised to sign a wholesale deal with Cable & Wireless (C&W). C&W previously sold its retail arm, Bulldog, to Pipex with the aim of concentrating on large corporate customers.

Tiscali has apparently said it has no interest in a contract with Virgin Media which is perhaps no surprise as Tiscali has its own Tiscali TV service already. The UK does not have many wholesale LLU providers and C&W would seem the next obvious choice, though one irony is that many of the exchanges where C&W have already installed hardware will be ones where the Virgin Media cable services will be available. If the deal means C&W will be greatly enlarging their LLU footprint, it would be welcome news in providing competition to the BT Wholesale products across the UK.

We find the comment by Steve Burch that "there are 12m homes out there that we've never sold anything to", very odd since and NTL have marketed and sold ADSL products across the whole UK for some years now. We presume he is referring to digital TV products, such as the new Freeview box from Virgin Media, which should eventually connect up to an ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband connection to access Virgin Central video on demand material.


Thank goodness Tiscali wont be interfering with Virgin when it comes to TV services.

My only hope is if virgin start to offer LLU lets hope the connection matches or is better then their cable service and not a shower of S*** like their ADSL.

As for Tiscalis future TV services, here is a preview of what they are likely to HD on demand programming ;) hehehe

  • over 13 years ago

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