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Carphone Warehouse now with 2.72m broadband customers

It looks like Carphone Warehouse now sits in third spot in terms of the number of broadband customers. The latest trading update from the company shows a total of 2,270,000 broadband subscribers, with 702,000 using an unbundled line.

Splitting this down into the two broadband providers that Carphone Warehouse owns, there was as of 31st March 2007 1,535,000 customers on the AOL service of which 327,000 were connected via a shared unbundled service (SMPF). The Talk Talk 3 offer has 655,000 customers with 375,000 connected via a fully unbundled service, and 81,000 customers remaining from the days before the Talk Talk 3 offer.

Back in January 2007 Talk Talk had 540,000 customers, so has added around 115,000 in the last three months. Crucially for the group the unbundling of exchanges has been taking place rapidly, with the target of 1024 exchanges being met two months earlier than originally expected. These 1024 exchanges cover around 70% of UK households, with 4500 exchanges covering the other 30% of households.

The company appears to be continuing to invest in the area of customer service with an additional £10 to £15m expected to be spent on in the next 12 months.

For those Talk Talk customers still waiting for their upgrade to a fully rate adaptive service, i.e. a true up to 8Mbps product, the trading statement carries no news, other than to say that the pace of transferring people to the companies unbundled network continues to increase. We hope that Talk Talk will accelerate its testing and roll-out of IPStream Max, which became a live product a year ago, so it can offer rate adaptive speeds of up to 8Mbps to customers not connected to its unbundled service.


This goes to prove one thing only... There are alot of stupid people in Britain that still sign up to Talk Talk

  • over 13 years ago

And how is the average punter accosted by a persuasive person in Sainsbury's or going into a CPW for a 'phone supposed to know about ThinkBroadband forums? I think "stupid" is a bit unfair. "Misled" seems more appropriate.

  • uniquename
  • over 13 years ago

I have been a user of talktalk broadband service since its kick off. Yes it has some niggly problems from time to time, and I still get a drop out in service at busy times, this coincides with the end of School time !
It gives me approx 2 Mbps at best, this after a reputed upgrade which I take to mean that talktalk have "Unbundled" my exchange. This speed is adequate for my general use and the cost of £20.99 per month including phone calls, local, National and International is not approached by any other company that I have so far found. A comprehensive package much appreciated by me.

  • donwood
  • over 13 years ago

I think the Talk 3 International package (including 'free broadband' is, in the main, excellent. I have been with Talk Talk for nearly a year now and there were some issues with getting connected in the early days and with 'drop-out' at peak times. However free 'phone calls including the lengthy ones my wife makes to New Zealand and a broadband speed of 3327Mbs downstream and 372Mbs upstream is pretty good for about £22.00 per month.

  • mardler
  • over 13 years ago

I think the talktalk is pretty good i know many pepole have got problems.but iam very happy with talktalk my speed is to hi 6887Mbs downstream 372Mbs upstream but this not finesh here.this speed show on speed cheker.but whene i download movie(larg file)my speed for download are 650kbs upto 1mbs (1gb file= under 17 min)

  • alibecks
  • over 13 years ago

I believe the TalkTalk 3 plus broadband package to be unbeatable, although I had a few problems connecting to my Vista PC, I now have downstream 6622 Kbps ample for unbuffered videos, and had 14 hours 35 minutes of 'phone calls with broadband including line rental, over the last month for a total of £20.45 ! ! which other ISP can match that ?

  • Llandanwg
  • over 13 years ago

TalkTalk provides unbeatable value unsurpassed by its rivals. The availability of the service is also very good

  • PSamuelGB1
  • over 13 years ago

Having just got my Talk 3 account on a bundled line after waiting 9 months and several migration codes have found the service poor and speeds which are matched by the customer service ie download 1.7Mbps upstream 0.2Mbps, must say that my previous supplier ticked all the boxes Demon and speeds in excess off 6Mbps was the norm, the only thing that attracted me to Talk Talk was the price and nothing else if I had not had to budget more due to having a lower income i would have stopped with Demon Internet. Sorry Demon match Carphone Warhouse and I will return.

  • Firefighterpete
  • over 13 years ago

Having waited months for a connecting, talking to none english people on 0870 numbers and then finding out all peer 2 peer programs are blocked even Skype and then getting less than a 2meg connection the sooner I find another isp the better i'll feel.
How do you download family videos if the progam is blocked ??
What happened to "Fair usage".
Price is one thing but quality of service is what i'm after with english speaking people.

  • LoboMustang
  • over 13 years ago

TalkTalk is excellent value, I am not aware of any other provider who can match it for both Broadband and Telephone. Yes I get problems and I do find the poor speaking non English technical support of little help. I have friends who pay a lot more with other providers and they also complain.

  • AlfTurner
  • over 13 years ago

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