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Broadband problems in Kingsbridge area

Ivybridge Today has some news on broadband problems in the Kingsbridge area of Devon.

It appears users across several service providers are experiencing localised problems and are reporting connections that are up and down or not working for up to a week. From the coverage it is not clear if the problem is with connections to the local telephone exchange in Kingsbridge or an authentication/network issue with the data when it leaves the local telephone exchange.

If local residents feel they are hitting a brick wall with respect to their broadband service provider on this issue, or the provider is simply blaming BT with no actual progress on a fault resolution then feel free to email us ([email protected]) and we will try to see if we may be able to help by co-ordinating with respective companies. The Kingsbridge area has around 4,000 homes and businesses.


My community in Cumbria had a similar loss of service for up to 10 days. It's hard to get anyone to accept that there IS a network problem. I spent hours phoning BT Total Broadband's call centre in India being told to recycle my router and reinstall software despite explaining that a whole community was affected. The problem wasn't fixed until some of us knobbled BT engineers in the pub - they had accidentally caused the problems by trying to stuff too many cables into too small a street cab. The reality of life for too many people in broadband Britain!

  • rogerebbrown
  • over 13 years ago

Hi im with bt been with them for almost 2 years i think, and have never had a [problem with them up untill a week ago, they have started throttling my p2p d/l's, this has only been the last week,and i can still get my normal speed through the internet on peak or off,even b4 this last week with on peak hours i could still get good speeds

  • SmokeyUK
  • over 13 years ago

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