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Breathe fails to reach agreement on acquisition of Biscit

Breathe Networks Limited has published an update on its plan to acquire Biscit Internet. It appears that due to a number of legal and commercial issues between Biscit Internet Limited and its suppliers that the sale of the user-base has fallen through. This is only days after hopeful news that a contract was about to be signed.

If this situation drags on and broadband customers find themselves in the situation of not being able to migrate to a new provider of their choice due to ongoing disputes between Biscit and suppliers, it will strengthen the calls for Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) provision to be available via an independent third party.


can anyone tell me how to get a mac cod from biscit.or can i get another provider without it please.hope you dont think it a silly question,have only just found out they have gone bust thanks to his web site.i have been trying to contact them since tuesday.thanks terry

  • greenfish
  • over 13 years ago

I've been trying to contact Biscit by phone, email and letter since November and have failed miserably - it is Tuesday 20 March and have been unable to use phone since 3.30 pm on Friday 16 March - I have unilaterally moved to BT even against the terms of the contract - anyhow, you can always direct your phone calls thru BT if you precede the number with 1280. As long as the broadband connection holds (and I'm sure it will, if they want to ensure any value to their company and hence asset and resale value) I will hang on in there and MAC out of there as soon as sold.

  • pokerbot
  • over 13 years ago

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