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Solwise reduces price of its SAR hardware range

It seems the warm weather is making more people feel generous, with Solwise dropping the price of their Solwise SAR range of ADSL/ADSL2+ ready routers.

  • ADSL-SAR-600E, a single Ethernet port ADSL 2/2+ Ethernet Bridge/Router Modem based around a TI Chipset. £22.40 (£19.06 excluding VAT)
  • ADSL-SAR-600ER, a four Ethernet port ADSL2/2+ Ready Modem/Router built around a TI AR7 Chipset. £29.77 (£25.34 excluding VAT)
  • ADSL-SAR-600EW, four Ethernet ports, USB port, wireless 802.11g ADSL 2/2+ Ready Modem/Router based around a TI Chipset. £43.30 (£36.85 excluding VAT)
  • ADSL-SAR-605EH, single Ethernet port, USB port, built in 85M bps HomePlug networking ADSL 2/2+ Ready Modem/Router. £58.93 (£50.15 excluding VAT)

While the SAR-600E is very cheap, we have had one on extended test for a long time now, and even on a telephone line with noise problems due to poor extension wiring it manages the line better than many other more expensive devices.


Yes, before finally opting for the Thomson Speedtouch 546v5 some 7 or 8 months ago, I seriously considered one of those Solwise models, the SAR600ER. It struck me as a pretty good router, albeit that there were no reviews available on it at the time. The main reason I went for the Speedtouch, in the end, was that it was tweakable by virtue of DMT.

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