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Spring sale over at UK Online

UK Online ( has reduced the price of two of its products that are available on unbundled exchanges by £5 per month as well as waiving the connection charges (a saving of £25) for users who sign up before the end of April 2007.

The two unbundled products the offer applies to are the ADSL based 'up to 8 Mbps' service at £19.99 a month, and the ADSL2+ up to 22 Mbps service at £24.99. A comparison table showing the UK Online products can be found at

Both of the offered products carry a 12 month minimum contract and a fair usage policy. Those signing up to the faster ADSL2+ service will be required to buy the £59.99 ADSL2+ Wireless router, but the slower ADSL service allows you the option of sourcing your own kit or choosing from a range of UK Online hardware.

If you do not know whether your exchange has been unbundled by UK Online, you can check availability here.


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