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Breathe agrees terms and conditions to acquire Biscit

It looks like Biscit broadband customers may have a been thrown a lifeline in the form of Breathe who have sent out a press release announcing that terms and conditions have been agreed, with a formal contract expected to be signed today (Friday 9th March 2007).

The 13,500 Biscit customers that this affects will be moved to the Breathe network by a process known as 'realm migration'. This is where the ADSL username and password remains identical for the customers, with the wholesale provider simply moving the block of customer accounts to the new company. People are to be given an opportunity to agree to the terms and conditions of the Breathe service, which are apparently going to be the same or similar to the current ones. If people do not wish to take up the new service they will be provided with a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) to allow them to move to a provider of their own choosing.

The Breathe website is at, though at the time of writing it does not provide much detail. Alternatively Biscit customers can contact the company at 0870 740 5836 with queries about the move.


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