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February report from Telecommunications Adjudicator released

Local loop unbundling (LLU) in its two flavours of shared and fully unbundled services now has over 1,700,000 connections. This is an increase of 200,000 from January 2007. The full report from the Telecommunications Adjudicator can be read on the OTA website.

While LLU is racing ahead and performance levels in terms of lines being connected correctly are improving, there are still large improvements to be made. Fully unbundled lines (called MPF in the OTA report) are managing a 75% right first time delivery metric currently, with the more common shared unbundled lines running at 95%. The target in terms of getting it right from Openreach is 98%, and one hopes that improvements underway will see this target met and exceeded.

The adjudicator identifies three areas that represent a major challenge in the LLU arena:

  • Fit For Purpose Migrations
  • Further quality improvements for fully unbundled lines
  • The use of the EMP order/migration system to become reliable and easy to use by providers.


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