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Newnet in VoIP offer

Setting up a Voice over IP (VoIP) service is still one of the harder things you can do, but NewNet are trying to make it easier for their broadband customers by offering a Speedtouch ADSL modem/router with built-in VoIP capacity and the router is all set-up and ready to use. The price for the router is £93.99 (£79.99 excluding VAT).

The NewNet VoIP service that the router will connect you to has no monthly line rental and includes a free phone number. A big advantage of using a router to handle the VoIP rather than a USB handset and a PC is that it will work even when your computer is turned off. For those NewNet customers who have their own VoIP router already they can subscribe to the NewNet VoIP service for £14.10 (£12 excluding VAT).

More details of the VoIP service can be found at


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