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iomart to acquire controlling interest in Ezee DSL Ltd

The acquisitions and mergers continue with the London Stock Exchange carrying the news that the iomart group is to acquire a 51% stake in Ezee DSL Limited for £4.8 million in cash.

Ezee DSL Ltd, as part of this deal, are to be renamed Easyspace Datacentres Ltd. Ezee DSL is currently owned by 186k who has over 14,000 broadband subscribers trading under names such as 186k, Elite Internet Services, Mailbox Internet and EFH Broadband.

Since no mention is made of the future for the broadband subscribers, we presume that service and payments will continue as normal. It was back in 2002 that iomart sold its original broadband customer base of 2750 customers for £2 million to Centrica.


In the case of 2 EFH subscribers I know, payments haven't continued at all for two months. They've even contacted the company about the fact they've not been charged, but have been met with a wall of silence!

  • undergroover
  • over 13 years ago

186K is saying, on the 186K forum, that the EzeeDSL brand will continue to be used by 186K for ADSL subscriber services and will not be part of EzeeDSL Limited (to be renamed Easyspace Datacentres Ltd.) Easyspace Datacentres Ltd. is the data centre business.

  • ebuygum
  • over 13 years ago

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