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BTignite Comes Bearing Gifts.

BTignite has just today released a new set of postcode data. This should allow ISP's to bring their own checkers into line with the BTignite checker.

But there is more - as has been reported previously Ignite are working towards a wires-only interface for later in the year but more details are emerging about the self install service. They are aiming to introduce 'micro filters' to go along with wires-only to remove the need for an engineer visit to a users house. This is in an effort to reduce costs and simplify the problems of switching ISP's.

News for NAT based ethernet users, Ignite have limited places for a PAT (Port Address Translation - Port forwarding) trial.

To end this little flurry, Ignite can confirm they have had enough orders to complete the RADSL pilot and no new orders are been taken for the pilot since Monday 9th, any RADSL pilot orders received after then will be processed after the 18th July 2001.


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