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79.2 percent of UK Internet connections via broadband

The Office of National Statistics has published its Internet Connectivity round-up for December 2006.

The latest figures show that 79.2% of Internet connections in the UK are via a broadband service which shows an increase of 3.4% since the last statistics were published for Q3/06. This has risen from 25.5% in Q4/03 to 43.7% and 65.2% each year until 2005.

To reflect the dominance of broadband today the report also looks at the percentage of broadband connections by speed based on data provided by service providers:

Percentage of broadband connections by speed



Up to 2 Mbps

2 to 8 Mbps

Over 8 Mbps


2006 December 60.1% 32.5% 2.0% 5.4%
Mbps = Megabits per second

This data cannot be used to infer that 60% of telephone lines in the UK can only manage 2 Mbps speeds as many broadband service providers have not completed their upgrade programme to rate adaptive up to 8 Mbps products. In terms of BT Wholesale Max products we believe there are between 2 and 3 million lines using the Max (up to 8Mbps) product currently. In a similar vein people on the Virgin Media cable broadband services tend to choose the 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps products as the 10 Mbps service carries a price premium.


and 79.1% of them capped to hell :p

  • _TRIaXOR_
  • over 14 years ago

heh do people on adsl max but get below 2mbit synch count as 2 to 8mbps in those figures?

  • chrysalis
  • over 14 years ago

As I understand the documentation, they will be counted as 2 to 8Mbps, i.e. the headline speed of the product they were sold.

If people can find similar metrics for other countries comparisons will be interesting.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 14 years ago

They should show all those people who only get 1Mb as well as those that only have 512kb connections

  • eatsme
  • over 14 years ago

My problem is Cotgrave exchange, not my RADSL8MB. For the last 3 months it has been running below acceptable standards (there own admission). Why are BTW not accountable for this disgraceful customer service?

  • ColinT
  • over 14 years ago

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