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Amnesty International calls for freedom of expression to be protected

Tim Hancock, Campaigns Director of Amnesty International delivered a keynote speech at the Internet Services Providers' Association 2007 UK Internet Awards last week calling for companies to promote freedom of expression on the Internet.

"The Internet is the new front in the battle between those who want to speak out, and those who want to stop them.

At the heart of the Internet is the promise of free speech and access to uncensored information for millions of people. But we have got to be on our guard against those who want to control access to information and take that free speech away.

Promoting violence or racial hatred are not acceptable and never will be. But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives us clear guidelines to help establish what speech is and is not protected.

Amnesty launched the campaign to harness the power of the Internet to mobilise people all over the world to take a stand against repression.

Web users and service providers alike have a responsibility to keep alive the things that have made the Internet great -- its democracy, its freedom and the way it gives people access to knowledge and the opportunity to participate and be heard."

Tim Hancock, Campaigns Director, Amnesty International

Mr Hancock explained Amnesty works with the Internet industry by bringing together leading Internet companies, NGOs and other firms in negotiations to achieve this. He was critical of the actions of some well known companies which have caved in to pressure from some governments to limit the availability of some content to surfers in their jurisdictions.

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