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Is your broadband provider showing you no love?

Valentine's Day 2007 should have been a day in UK broadband history when consumers got more freedom over their ability to change broadband providers.

Even though the new rules have only been in place for a few days we are seeing signs that some providers are not following the new rules, but rather their own interpretation of them. Reports show some providers are charging £50 administration fees whilst others are requiring accounts to be paid up to date, both prohibited by the rules.

If you are in a similar situation then we urge you to point your broadband service provider to the new rules in the first instance as they may simply be slow at adopting the new practices and informing their staff of the changes. If this does not work, raise an official complaint with the provider and contact us on the matter. You may find our page on resolving a problem with a broadband provider may be of help.

If you have any problems with service providers failing to comply, please e-mail us on [email protected]


Quote: "Reports show some providers are charging £50 administration fees whilst others are requiring accounts to be paid up to date, both prohibited by the rules."

Please will you consider if you could collate a list of the providers that are doing this type of thing and publish a "name and shame" list?

  • LCake
  • over 14 years ago

doing that may get TB sued :-\

  • _TRIaXOR_
  • over 14 years ago

Do these new rules apply to phone and internet packages? I`m with talktalk at the moment but i think i`m in an 18 month contract, had nothing but problems with their internet service and would love to change providers. Would the new rules allow me to change phone providers also as it was a talk3 international package i signed up for to get the free broadband? Any help would be appreciated, i`m getting sick of calling India 15 times a day to complain!!

  • jonnipee
  • over 14 years ago

Regarding getting sued:
IMHO unlikely if:
1) The list is phrased carefully
2) What is in the listing is TRUE
...and would ISPs want the bad publicity if they did try to sue?

I will be interested to hear what Andrew thinks.

  • LCake
  • over 14 years ago

Currently switching from AOL to TalkTalk (same company!). I had to request my MAC code twice from AOL in January before they emailed it to me!! Talk Talk are slow at enabling my BB, so I have had to request a second MAC code today (twice now in Feb - and as my account was £32 in arrears, I had to pay up before they would generate a MAC code for me) as the first expired!

  • cpjcpjcpjcpj
  • over 14 years ago

I was with Pipex for phone & broadband & missed Octobers 06's payment. They put a stop on my phone and broadband. Even though I then paid the balance, they re-connected my phone service but I couldn't connect to the internet. Despite them saying everything looked fine from their end I still couldn't connect to the internet. I requested my MAC code 7 times by phone & so, in December I contacted OFCOM. I was given my MAC in December & signed up for phone & broadband with BT on the 5th January '07 & have had no problem connecting to the internet since then.

  • zebbie
  • over 14 years ago

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