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Openreach talks on mistakes in its first year has published some comments made at the Communications Management Association Conference in London by Anne Heal, BT Openreach Managing Director of Sales, Products and Marketing.

Openreach has seen a near explosive growth in the number of unbundled lines, which can be seen as a success, but this has not been without its problems, the most obvious being with the provision of fully unbundled lines which suffer an unacceptably high rate of failure when first setup.

It could be viewed that while equivalence of access was a goal for Openreach that it has largely reached, this has resulted in the lowest common denominator being used, thus producing a low quality service that is at least equal for all providers. To some extent this is borne out by comments from Anne Heal:

"The focus was on getting an even playing field; it wasn't a main aim to cover SLAs. Over the course of the year, the whole stakes have been upped, and now there is more of a focus on what we can achieve as an industry -- it wasn't about SLAs in the beginning."

Comments by Anne Heal, BT Openreach

Hopefully Openreach can address the problems with the level of faults before its customers decide to take further action. How long Openreach has to improve things is not clear, but we doubt service providers and Ofcom will wait for much longer unless sustained improvements are made.


Openreach need to get engineers out working weekends not just Mon - Fri and change the attitudes of some of their people.

  • zenops
  • over 14 years ago

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