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BTignite talks to The Register

The Register has been busy chasing Ignite over talk of price cuts and wires-only interfaces

The wires-only interface has been on the cards for some time, but this is one of the first public admissions that they are looking to self install kits as a way of dropping the cost of installation. This could be achieved by using in-line filters like some US providers do.

Whether any price savings will get passed onto the end-user is still open to question, Rebecca Webster from BTignite was able to confirm that there are no plans"in the short term" to lower the price of the USB service. This may indicate that they are aiming the wires-only and potential price savings at the more expensive ethernet product range and business's.

The footnote on The Register from BT is telling people to "not to get too excited about broadband" - as Tim Richardson says this appears to be something of a sea change.


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