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Retired people spend more time online than in the garden

Axa has published details of a survey it has carried out into preferred pastimes and internet usage by pensioners. Details of the report can be read over on the press section of the Axa website.

UK pensioners, while not spending the most time online at 6 hours per week, did rate internet usage as their preferred pastime over other more traditional activities like DIY/gardening and travel. Perhaps the fact that searching for information and purchasing travel tickets ranks as a common use for the internet, suggests that pensioners are realising the cost savings possible by doing some of your own research and purchasing tickets online. The tables from the press release are reproduced below:

Preferred pastimes for pensioners

Internet usage 41%
DIY / Gardening 39%
Specialist interest 36%
Travel 28%
Walking / hiking 28%

Most popular internet activities of pensioners

Email 84%
Searching for information 83%
Purchase travel tickets 45%
Banking 35%
Read the news 28%

Average number of hours per week spent by retired people online

USA 9 hours
Australia 7 hours
Canada 7 hours
UK 6 hours
New Zealand 6 hours
France 5 hours
Germany 4 hours
Japan 3 hours
Italy 2 hours
Spain 2 hours


Going by my familly, they probably use internet to find information about gardening/diy and special interest.....

  • dukeinlondon
  • over 14 years ago

As a member of the retired I agree that we spend many hours on the net.I buy and sell on e-bay and shop for most things by the net.
How many places can you go to with google earth.We oldies have the time to spare to realy search the net.We are also greatfull for High speed access, I remember 9.6Kbit being realy high speed.

  • johnsizeland
  • over 14 years ago

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