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BBC Trust gives initial approval to BBC on-demand service

Ofcom last week published its report on the planned BBC on-demand service, now the BBC Trust has now also given initial approval as detailed at BBC News Online.

Some conditions have been imposed on the new service, for example tough rules on making classical music available via the service, and a 30 day limit on downloading and viewing video content rather than the original 13 weeks for some content that was planned. The main part of the service will be the ability to view via the iPlayer interface shows from the last seven days.

A two month long public consultation process has been started to allow interested parties to voice any concerns, which includes the general public. For details on how to take part in the consultation process visit the BBC Trust website.


What about the notspots, the ones who can't get broadband, and what about most rural people who think that a quarter of a meg service is broadband? It would take 30 days to download a film in the first place.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 14 years ago

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