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Sky in three for £26 a month deal

Sky has never been shy when it comes to making tempting offers to people in regards to its satellite service, it seems this hard-sell is continuing with the launch of the latest Surf-Speak-See deal for £26 a month. Details of the offer are on

The £26 a month deal is available to those whose telephone line is connected to an exchange where Sky can offer its unbundled service (currently 50% of households, reaching 70% by July 2007). The package includes an up to 8Mbps ADSL service with 40GB usage allowance, free evening and weekend calls, and 6 entertainment mixes on Sky satellite TV. The package includes a free wireless router, a one-off activation fee of £20 and a 12 month minimum contract. People who already have Sky TV can take advantage of this offer for just £5 a month on top of their existing satellite package.

It should be pointed out that you will need to continue to pay the voice line rental to BT at currently £11 a month.


I pay the extra £5 per month but at present I only get a broadband speed of 1.8 meg during slack periods, during evenings at week-end my speed goes down to 0.4 meg. I ring customer services but they can't help, although one of their people suggested that it might be because I use Internet Explorer 7, and he suggested that I should contact Microsoft to downgrade to IE 6. I'm hoping that their Tec Service might contact me as one girl I spoke to said that she would tell them, she added there's no point in hanging on the phone as they might not respond for a half hour or longer.

  • Bienchisto
  • over 14 years ago

To remove IE7. Go to Control Panel..Add/Remove programs. Select IE7 and remove.
This works OK if IE7 was an upgrade from IE6

  • kelti
  • over 14 years ago

Why do you need to contact Microsoft? There must dozens of old cover CDs around containing IE6.

However, why not just install and use Firefox instead - its a much better browser anyway! :-)

  • bubzz
  • over 14 years ago

IE 7 has nothing to do with it they are fobbing you off. The fact that the connection slows down even more during the evenings/weekends (IE 7.0 does not know what time it is) means there are two many users and they are using some kind of speed throttling to get more users online.

  • Luciano
  • over 14 years ago

I,m with Virgin on a nominal 8mb connection, but being 6km from the exchange rarely achieve better than 2.2mb which falls to 0.8mb during the late afternoons and evenings when the children returning home from school go on-line. I count myself lucky as the alternative would be 36kb!

  • bowtiejim
  • over 14 years ago

I have been waiting since november 22 for my broadband router to arrive.. my internet line is live... just no router. My friend is just moving off them because their line disconnects constantly..

Perhaps they should get single play sorted before they start moving on to doubles and triples.

Challenge for the day, try to speak to a customer service manager... its impossible... I don't think they exist at Sky, perhaps its why its in such a bad state.

  • hoodamanny
  • over 14 years ago

Contract should have a trial period of, say, 2 months. Am with very reliable small ISP and have a monthly contract. Those ISPs who tie one into long contracts are not for me, despite the very attractive savings.

  • guesswot
  • over 14 years ago

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