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Fibre complaints in France has news on a dispute that is ongoing in France, that could end up being re-run if fibre is deployed by BT to the consumer or any other operator with significant market power.

In France Free (a unit of Iliad) is making a claim of 500 million Euros in damages from Orange (France Telecom) in respect of Orange not doing enough to open up fibre-optic links to its rivals. Orange has more than half the broadband market in France, with Free holding a 20% share. It is not clear whether the dispute is about allowing access to fibre in the local loop, or access to fibre for backhaul from the exchanges to the competitors existing network.

In the UK, BT is fairly heavily watched with respect to delivery of backhaul from exchanges, with for example backhaul delivery times been monitored on UK unbundling operators are not tied to using BT for backhaul, operators like ntl:Telewest and others can often provide backhaul. Where we are likely to see disputes will be if the BT Group decides to start pushing fibre out from the exchange into the local loop in the form of Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).


If the NTL/TW biased Ofcom have anything to do with it. BT will be forced ensure a copper pair line is available to any customer within reach or near a cabinet/trunking whether or not BT customers there have services connected via FTTC.
Unbundling cabinets will be a fun idea... logistical nightmare, but fun :)
Forcing BT to also share with rival providers (not wholesale customers) network capacity to a cabinet level will be a farce when cable companies have never had to share jack ****.

When will NTL/Telewest be forced to open up IT'S network to rival ISPs? eh?

  • JohnUK
  • over 14 years ago

Indeed, I have heard that part of the various NTL/TW cabling installations include both coax and twisted part from the cabinet to each home subscriber.

Whether very small DSLAMs could be fitted into these cabinets and made secure is another question. Whether there is room for DSLAMs managed by different companies....Or could the coax cable be unbundled and shared? If any of this is feasible...

If the cabinet is to be the next battleground, surely it makes no sense to restrict this to BT cabinets.

  • filmstar
  • over 14 years ago

NTL will have to go a long way towards securing their cabinets if they do start putting that sort of kit in them. I often see local (Manchester) cabinets with the doors hanging open, and all the cables open to view.

  • irrelevant
  • over 14 years ago

Unless I'm missing the point then surely fibre from the exchange to our local cabinet will be a HUGE technical benefit despite the problems of provider management it would cause?

  • michael-scott
  • over 14 years ago

"Forcing BT to also share with rival providers (not wholesale customers) network capacity to a cabinet level will be a farce when cable companies have never had to share"

The farce would more likely come with ISPs forcing the legal issue but then not bothering to do it imo. The number of probable customers per cabinet to another operator will be too low in most cases.

  • wirelesspacman
  • over 14 years ago

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