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Telecommunications Adjudicator report for December 2006 published

It was only a short while ago that the one million unbundled lines threshold was broken, and at the end of December 2006 the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator is reporting that the UK had over 1.3 million unbundled lines. The full report can be read at

Adding 300,000 unbundled lines in just under two months is a significant move in the direction of improving broadband competition in the UK, especially when one considers that back in July 2004 the UK had just 15,000 unbundled lines.

While the raw numbers look good, the fly in the ointment has often been the number of faults when unbundling a line from the existing BT exchange infrastructure, the latest report brings news of improvements in this area. A shared unbundled line (one where the voice side is left with BT and just the broadband is unbundled) are running at 94% unbundled right the first time, fully unbundled lines (where both the voice and broadband are unbundled) are improving at 68% but are still a long way from the target of 98%.


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