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Orbitalnet issues update on So Broadband

Orbital Net ( has confirmed yesterday it has acquired the So Broadband/Telabria wireless broadband network which has been running since September 2005 in sections of Kent. Telabria which supplied both residential and business customers is currently in voluntary liquidation.

Business customers have been transferred to Orbital whilst residential customers will be served by Vfast ( although Orbital will be maintaining the core network for both.

The company claims around 60% of customers were reconnected within the first 48 hours. The areas now back online include Ashford, Canterbury, Barham, Preston, Stourmouth and surrounding areas. Thanet should be back online next week.


Good to see So Broadbands efforts were not in vain and the service will continue through vfast. I'm in Thanet and the service from So was very good, hopefully vfast can continue the quality service for longer than So did.

  • SlimJ
  • over 14 years ago

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