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Wireless broadband provider So Broadband closing

At the end of November customers of So Broadband suddenly found their wireless connections not working as it is believed suppliers to the company had terminated their connections. Customers have informed us that letters have been sent out informing them the company has gone into voluntary liquidation. The providers website still appears to be online, but telephone calls just end up on an answer machine.

Fortunately many former So Broadband customers are now back online, Orbital Net has purchased the network and so far has got around 50% of affected customers back online.


Interesting. A friend of mine runs his business from his house in a local village near Ashford. He refused to use So Broadband because he thought they would be going bust before long so opted for Orbital, even though they were more expensive. I guess that's why his business is doing so well!

  • plesbit
  • over 14 years ago

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