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New Internet Radio from BT

Listening to the radio over the Internet is perhaps not the most cutting edge use of a broadband connection, as it is done by so many and media players on computers make it relatively easy. Of course not everyone wants to leave their computer on to have some background music, which is where the various streaming media devices on the market come into play.

BT has launched a new BT Internet Radio device (details on the BT Shop) for £149.99, but reduced to £119.99 currently. The radio features a Wi-Fi connection to connect to your wireless network (WEP and WPA encryption supported), built-in speakers and can connect to some 5,000 radio stations around the world.

Some of the other devices that do similar jobs are the Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio at £169.99, more traditional units are the Philips Wireless Music Receiver (£89), Squeezebox 3 Wireless Music Player (£209) and a variety of options from Logitech to add a few more options.


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