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New migration regulations to be announced before Christmas

It is looking like the final decisions on the Ofcom consultation on migrations may be announced before Christmas. ZDNet UK has been talking to Ofcom about the proposed changes to the migration processes and how they affect UK broadband customers, for the full item visit ZDNet UK.

It seems amount of complaints from disgruntled broadband customers has brought about this action. Though while it is expected that the issuing of a migration authorisation code will be made compulsory, the devil will be in the detail. Currently providers are under no obligation to provide a code, and some providers only release the code once the customers final bill has been paid. We hope that the new systems will also take into account situations where someones new provider takes a migration code, but lets this expire forcing the customer to obtain another code.

A final word must be said about the V21 (Biscit) saga (see Ofcom website). While Netservices has removed the walled garden, and is making much of this 'free' Internet access, it is worth mentioning that even while the company had people behind the walled garden they were still paying BT Wholesale rental for each customers ADSL line, and would have continued to do so until the cease orders have gone through.

Of course getting a migration code is just part of the story, getting it accepted by another provider does not always prove easy, more on this another time.


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