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First live customers on BT's 21st century network

Its not really a massive change in terms of what the person with a standard telephone line will experience currently, but the fact is that the first customers have gone live with the BT 21st Century Network (21CN) and so far it seems it was business as usual for those customers. The BT press release is on

This new much vaunted 21CN next generation network is in its first phase all about getting people onto the network and reducing the costs of running the many separate networks the BT group has now. The new services and products are due to follow as the roll-out completes. In terms of broadband - 2007 is set to bring the trials of ADSL2+ which offers line speeds of up to 24Mbps, with roll-out around 2008. The way service providers who use BT Wholesale product are charged is set to change, and as the trial and roll-out dates get closer more information and hints at what providers will do will emerge.


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