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Changes to ADSL provision in the UK

Since the creation of Openreach at the start of 2006 equivalence has been the keyword, in other words all providers being treated equally. This now means that as 2006 is coming to a close even orders and regrades on a standard ADSL connection will appear on order checkers as if it was a Local Loop Unbundled (LLU) order.

We are mentioning this because people often check the progress of orders and regrades via the telephone line customer portal at, and there is a chance you may see a message mentioning 'LLU LINE SHARE PSTN', this does not mean your line is about to become unbundled, but is simply reflecting that telephone line and ADSL orders all go through the same systems which makes them look like an unbundled service.

In some cases of course the message may relate to a real order moving your ADSL or telephone line away from the traditional BT based systems to an alternate network provider. Hopefully with most providers if they are physically unbundling your line to connect to a different wholesale providers hardware in the exchange they will have informed you of the change. If your provider has given you a mixed message and you are still confused, then why not visit our General Chatter forum section and someone will hopefully be able to explain what is happening.


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