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Ray of Hope

It would appear that Oftel may have done something useful with regards LLU.

Apparently BT have been insisting the LLU operators also operate a voice service, now for smaller LLU operators who perhaps were just interested in providing xDSL services, having to run a phone service would be a complication.

It now appears that Oftel are going to allow customers to keep their existing BT voice service and have a LLU xDSL service on the same line. You'd still have to pay your line rental for the voice part to BT, but the cost of the line rental for xDSL part to the LLU operator will go down to £68/year - previously around £120, plus less costs in running the show as no voice telecoms hardware would be needed.

These concessions may help to increase the chances of LLU actually getting out of small trial stages, so long as Oftel arent acting too little too late.

The full 4 points are over on The Register


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