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Good news for those in Kingswells suffering from TPON

The long suffering people of Kingswells, Aberdeen have light at the end of the tunnel in respect to getting broadband at last. While some residents and businesses in the area already have ADSL via a copper overlay programme, many others have been stuck with their TPON line. For those that don't know, TPON is a system whereby the phone signal is carried from the exchange down fibre-optic cable and broken out onto a local copper network near to the customers presmises.

The Scottish news section of carries some details of the deployment of broadband over the existing fibre network which has been under trial by 10 people in Kingswells and another trial down in Dorset. It appears the trial has worked well, and that improvements are under way prior to hopefully connecting more customers to the service before Christmas, with the system going into full swing in the New Year. It should be pointed out that the system does not tie people into just having BT Retail as their broadband provider, a choice of providers will exist.

There is little in terms of technical details yet, i.e. is this ADSL2+ that is being used, what broadband speeds will be supported yet, is the cost identical to standard broadband services. What it does seem though is that it is a move towards a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) architecture, which may bode well for faster speeds across the country if it is adopted on a large scale.


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