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ntl:telewest to be branded as Virgin Media in 2007

Its goodbye to NTL and Telewest in the first quarter of 2007 and hello to Virgin Media. Ahead of this rebranding ntl Telewest are to spend an additional £5 million to improve customer care. A press release for the rebranding can be found at the NTL media centre, along with a video showing the new logo in action.

The ntl:Telwest group results for the third quarter of 2006 can be found here. In terms of broadband the group which had 2,466,500 customers at this time last year, now has 2,980,400 customers. The results include the news that in addition to trials that are going on now where some customers have a 20Mbps cable broadband connection, customer trials of a 50Mbps service will start in November 2006. The group currently has its broadband services available to over 11 million households, so if it fully rolls out a 50Mbps service in 2007 it will have advanced broadband in the UK by a large step.


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